How To Get Started

First Steps

Below, there is a First Steps document attached, where it outlines possible activities that you and your chapter can participate in getting started.

Tulsi Military.jpg

Tulsi 2020 Poster

Print this mini poster and post it around your community on public ways of advertising. We suggest laminating it so it does not get easily damaged.

Tulsi Resources_edited.jpg
Tulsi Surfing.jpg

About Tulsi Flyers

Below there are links to two flyers, one front and one back. These were created by The People For Tulsi and explain thoroughly who Tulsi is and what she stands for. These will be especially great for canvassing.

Tulsi Flyer Photo.jpeg

Tulsi Talking Points Flyer

We have attached the Tulsi Talking Points flyer that has been officially made by the campaign. This is also a great informational flyer to utilize during canvassing events.

Donation Forms

Print out these donation forms to help raise money for this campaign. Utilizing these at tabling events will be the most useful.

Tulsi 2020 Pamphlet

Use this fantastic Tulsi 2020 pamphlet made by the campaign by distributing them to your friends, family, and anyone who you come across while volunteering.

Tulsi Pamphlet.jpeg
Tulsi Sign Up.jpeg

Sign Up Forms

Print these sign in/up sheets to keep track of the people who want to attend your events or join your chapter.